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Services and Pricing

New Patient Consultation


Dr. Hancock will take a very comprehensive history and a complete physical exam/osteopathic exam during this visit. If there are no contraindications the 1st osteopathic treatment is given during this session. Generally, this will take about 90 minutes. 

Established Patient Visit

Dr. Hancock will re-evaluate with a shorter history and exam followed by osteopathic treatment. This generally takes 60 minutes. 

Pregnancy and Pediatric Patients


For all stages of pregnancy up to 12 weeks postpartum Dr. Hancock has a reduced fee of $150. For children, birth to 12 yrs of age there is a reduced rate of $150 as well. These visits generally run for 60 min depending on need. If you or your child has special needs lets us know so we can provide you with enough time for your visit. 

Dr. Hancock is not taking medical insurance. She will provide you with a super bill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement should you wish to do so. She has opted out of Medicare. 

If these prices remain out of range for you and you feel called to work with Dr. Hancock please contact her directly for a discussion at or text or call 458-278-7575. True Roots Osteopathy is located at 927 NW Grant Ave, Corvallis, OR 97330.

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